Brown mustard whole 

Export from Ukraine

Export Black // Brown mustard from Ukraine

Sell mustard Seeds Brssica Nigra

Brown mustard seeds - thats the regular name the people used to call the seeeds. Sometime in some parts of the planet they call black mustard. The botanical name is Brassica Nigra. however the seeds is a round little  brownish-red wholegrain.

Interlink`s brown mustard seeds is available for sale to any part of the world. For food (spice blends usage) and can be considered as suitable for human consumption.

Brown mustard seeds - Ukraine origin
 packaging 25 kg paper bags.
 big bags 1000 kg
 delivery FCA, FOB, CFR
 price =  760 eur / mt FCA Poltava Ukraine
 Don`t hesitate to ask for quotation with delivery to your warehouse/port.

hulled millet seeds gluten free This is Interlink`s brown mustard seeds.

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